Shenandoah NP forestI just ran across a quote from Emerson that I think really relates to nature and nature photography:

” ‘Miracles have ceased.’ Have they indeed? When? They had not ceased this afternoon when I walked into the wood and got into bright, miraculous sunshine, in shelter from the roaring wind.”

Emerson was responding to people who said essentially that miracles were basically done when Christ died, except for a few saints. He felt that nature itself offered many miracles.

I look at sunshine and leaves and see a miracle, too. Those leaves create oxygen for the planet and food for the plant and other life. Imagine that. A system functioning so well that it can be adapted to every type of plant and still produce the same results. High school biology sometimes gets it wrong in telling the “facts” of photosynthesis, that it can be reduced to a chemical formula. So many people have gone through that class, regurgitating the formula at test time, then promptly forgetting it, and giving little thought to the miracle of life that photosynthesis represents. The photo seen here is of a forest in Shenandoah National Park and celebrates sunshine and leaves. This is a miracle happening continuously to our benefit.

Rob Sheppard