The Window of Creation

“The heavens are telling the glory of God…” Psalm 19:1

I am currently in New Mexico photographing. When I find some free time I’ve been reading a book I recently purchased called Consider the Lilies: A Plea For Creational Theology.  The author of the book, T. M. Moore, uses an interesting analogy to describe ways we experience God.  He writes about how his study at home has an east facing window and a west facing window.  Moore says if he only looked out one of the windows he would not have a very good grasp of his surroundings; there would be much he would miss.  By looking through both the east and west window, he says, he is able to have a fuller understanding of the environment in which he lives.

Moore goes on to say that when it comes to understanding God most people live as though there is only one window through which to view His revelation, that window being Scripture.  Certainly we can learn much about God in the Bible.  A person desiring to know or understand God would be foolish not to study the Scriptures.  One could, however, also make the argument that a person would likewise be foolish if he or she did not take the time to look through other windows by which God’s revelation is made known.  The Bible makes it clear that Creation is one such window and we cannot afford to ignore it if we truly want to know and experience God.

One of the reasons Rob and I started this blog was to encourage people to utilize the wonderful source of revelation God has provided for us in His Creation.  As nature photographers we both enjoy the beauty of nature and the wonderful diversity found in Creation.  Both of us feel that many people fail to notice the wonders of nature, big and small, that surround them.  We would certainly want to encourage such people to be more attentive, but even more important we feel that all of us should be aware of God’s desire to make Himself known to us through His Creation.  Furthermore, each of us should make an effort to learn what God is trying to teach us through that which He has made.

If we fail to make an effort to view and study Creation as a source of divine revelation we will find ourselves with a truncated understanding of God.  Failure to do so doesn’t mean we won’t be able to know God, just that we will not know Him as fully as we could if we started seeing Creation as a window of glory revealing our Maker.  So, by all means, take advantage of this window and prepare to be blessed by God’s revelation of Himself in Creation.


(The images above were taken this past week at the Bisti Badlands Wilderness in northwest New Mexico.)