Countless Reminders

Linville-Falls-2For a number of years I have done a multi-media presentation that utilizes a song that declares all around us is the evidence of God’s love.  Recently I read a passage from the letters of George Fox, founder of the Quakers, that has reminded me that all around us is also evidence of the living God who is still yet the Creator.  Fox writes: “He is the living God, that clothes the earth with grass and herbs, causes the trees to grow and bring forth food for you, and makes the fishes of the sea to breathe and live.  He is the living God, that causes the sun to give warmth to you, to nourish you when you are cold.  He is the living God that causes snow and frost to melt and causes the rain to water plants.  He is the living God, that made heaven and earth, the clouds, causes the springs to break out of the rocks, and divided the great sea from the earth.  He divides the light from the darkness, by which it is called day and the darkness night, and divided the great waters from the earth, gathered them together, which great waters he called sea and the dry land earth. He is the living God that gives you breath, life, and strength…”

palm-trees-296What I find fascinating about Fox’s words is that in most of his references to God he uses the present tense.  He doesn’t write so much about a God who created the earth long ago but a God who is still actively involved in Creation, creating still.  He sees behind all the things that are happening around us in nature the hand of the living God.

If we, too, could see God’s hand in the work of nature today it would give us a more immediate sense of His presence.  It’s one thing to acknowledge God as the One who brought the world into being.  It is another thing to affirm that God is the One who brings the world into being.  The latter implies we understand that God is actively at work in our midst and that His presence can be both seen and felt.

frosted-reeds-092In Fox’s letter he goes on to say more than once that the God “that does this” is to be worshipped.  In nature we find countless reminders that the Creator is a living God and that He deserves our worship and praise.  In some churches a “call to worship” is either given or sung at the beginning of a worship service.  In Creation we find numerous calls to worship every single day.  Fox points to the grass and herbs, the trees, fish, the sun, snow, rain, and clouds as regular reminders.  You and I could name many others.  The Psalmist maintained that “the earth is full of his unfailing love.” (33:5)  Let’s make sure that we don’t miss these calls to worship.  Let’s make sure that the living God, Maker of heaven and earth, receives from each of us the worship He is due.


(I took the top image at Linville Falls in North Carolina, the palm trees in Hawaii, and the winter scene at Yellowstone NP in Wyoming.)