May 2 2010

The Giving Tree

backyard 177b

“They are strong, like a tree planted by water…” (Psalm 1:3)

This past week numerous trees were planted around the world. This occurs each year as part of Arbor Day. Many of those who participated probably didn’t realize that by  planting trees we join with God in the work of Creation.

Trees play an important role in the Scriptures. In the opening chapters of the Bible God creates trees. Adam and Eve are charged to tend to or care for these trees. At the end of the Scriptures we find a description of the Celestial City. John tells us there will be trees there that bear fruit perpetually. Between Genesis and Revelation there are numerous other references to trees.

For me trees reflect something of the character of God. It would seem that trees, by their very nature, are givers. They give shade. They give fruit. They give oxygen. They give pleasure. When they shed their leaves they give back to the earth. Like God, they are always giving.

Seeing trees can serve as a reminder that we, too, are supposed to be givers. Far too many people live their lives as takers. I’m convinced life has far more meaning and joy when we give.

To be givers we must have resources to give. Here, too, we can learn from the trees. They all have roots which take from the soil so that they can be able to give. We, too, must have something to draw from. Actually in our case it is Someone. As we allow our roots to grow deep into God and His Word we are enabled to be the givers we were created to be. Just like the trees…


(The image above was taken behind my house a couple of weeks ago.)