Oct 5 2011

Finding Focus in a Distracting World

I have a problem with focus at times. There are just too many great things going on in the world. And there are just too many awful things going on as well. I find it easy to get distracted and keep from what is true and important. A walk across a log over a ravine says a bit about distractions and, for me, a new look at what Jesus meant when he said, “Follow me”, has helped me find focus. It’s all in the short video here:

Jul 31 2009

Distracted by the Right Things

CA SMMRA 0709-4In our day-to-day world, there are so many things vying for our attention. Bills are due, the President is doing something right or wrong that we have to know about, the news tells us about people doing terrible things to other people, the economy is better but not great, and so it goes. It is easy to be distracted from what is really important in our lives because these things always seem so very important. Or at least the news people think so.

I knew a pastor once who would simply quote scripture as if that would make these things go away. Scripture can be very important for our spiritual growth and for connecting with God, but I don’t believe it has any magic talisman properties that will make the world stop bugging us.

Today I hiked in the Santa Monica Mountains with a friend. While he is also a photographer, he is also a serious hiker. Still, he is good natured when he has to stop and wait for me to catch up because I got distracted by another wonderful scene or subject. We were on the trail by sunrise and hiked about six miles, returning to our cars by late morning. Even with me being distracted.

I like being distracted by the beauty of our world. Often it truly amazes me. The challenge is not to find a good subject as there are lots of them, but to find a way to capture that subject that will do it justice. I feel like I am in the presence of God’s craft and art and get excited to experience it. And with photography, there is always the opportunity to share that beauty.

The photo here is of one of the Calachortus or mariposa lilies that grow in the chaparral. I have not gone through my photos from today — this is from earlier this month, but also up in the Santa Monica Mountains.