Apr 9 2010


CA Los Osos Fall 09-12A week ago, I was doing a workshop in Central California about flowers and the landscape. This is the time of year where there can be spectacular displays of flowers.

I recently read an old Chinese proverb that I thought really appropriate to nature: “The miracle is not to fly in the air or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth.” I am often amazed by God’s miracles all around us, every day. I consider no flower ordinary. Every species has a unique way of living and adapting to life on earth, from how it grows to how it attracts pollinators to how it works to keep things that would eat it at bay and more.

I think sometimes we look for big miracles like those that Jesus performed. But I am thinking those were specific to Jesus, His time and His life on earth. There is a miracle of life all around us and we find it just by being open to what is around us as we “walk on the earth.” Photography helps me focus not only my camera but also myself on the miracles of nature.

— Rob

CA Los Osos Fall 09-08