Nov 1 2009

Seeing Creation With Others

Jellico-Mountain-656Thursday I had the privilege of spending the day photographing with Bill Fortney.  Bill is one of my closest friends.  He works for Nikon and for many years owned and operated the Great American Photography Weekend.  Bill is a wonderful photographer, friend, and brother in Christ. 

We hooked up early Thursday morning and after stopping at a couple of scenic spots in Campbell County, Tennessee, made our way to the Tremont area of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  It was a beautiful fall day and there was much to photograph. Throughout the day Bill and I kept pointing out various subjects to each other.  Numerous times we stopped to show one another the LCD on the back of our cameras.  More than once we “stole” each other’s composition. 

GSM-autumn-spray-777I thoroughly enjoy photographing and spending time alone in nature but I also find great delight in being able to do the same with good friends.  Not only do I enjoy the company, I benefit from being able to learn from those I am with.  When it comes to seeing Creation four eyes (or even more) can be better than two.   I learn new ways of looking at nature when I’m with people like Bill and Rob.  By watching and listening to them I come to see Creation in a fresh light.  In the process I also often learn more about God. 

Jesus once said “where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” (Mt. 18:20)   I’m not sure what all he meant by this but I do believe that by being out with people like Bill and Rob I am enabled to see and experience the Creator in ways I could not alone.  For that reason, I highly recommend seeing Creation with others. 


(The top image was made Thursday on top of Jellico Mountain looking down on Elk Valley.  The bottom image was made in the Smokies.)