Seeing Flowers

Bindweed flower in a grassy meadow in Maine.

“Many eyes go through the meadow, but few see the flowers in it.” Emerson

I have been reading some excerpts from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s writings. I have found his work both difficult and fascinating. The difficulties come largely, I think, because he wrote using a style common to the 1800s, but not so much today.

I like this quote. It is certainly a precursor to “Stop and smell the roses.” Emerson spent a lot of time wandering the natural areas near his home outside of Boston.

“Society seems noxious. I believe that against these baleful influences, Nature is the antidote. The man comes out of the wrangle of the shop and office, and sees the sky and the woods, and is a man again. He not only quits the cabal, but he finds himself.” Emerson

Just as Chuck said in his last post, the small things can be so important. Emerson never felt he had to go to the wilderness or travel thousands of miles to experience nature and feel its healing touch. Seeing the flowers in the field, really seeing them, can transport us out of a daily grind and into the beauty that is always around us. At least I know that is very true for me. I can spend time looking into flowers with my camera and it is as if I have been transported to a totally different place. I quit thinking about the world’s problems and visually meditate into God’s beautiful creations.

–Rob Sheppard