The Seasons of the Great Smoky Mountains

GSM-stream-with-trilliums-2In a couple of days I’m flying out to California to spend some time photographing with Rob.  I look forward to being with my friend and to seeing some new places.  I really do enjoy visiting new sites.  I find more meaning, however, in returning to familiar places over and over again.

From my childhood the Great Smoky Mountains National Park has been a very special place to me.  I have wonderful memories of family vacations there.  By the time I got into photography eighteen years ago I lived in a location not far from the Smokies.  As often as I could I made my way over there to photograph.  I now live further away than I did so I don’t get there quite as often but I still try to go when I can.  For some reason, the Smokies feel like home to me.

Recently I had the privilege of producing a DVD on the Smokies with the wonderful musician David Arkenstone.  It features my images and David’s original music.   As I have watched the DVD it has brought back so many memories of times I spent in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  With each viewing I have to thank God for creating such a beautiful place and also for giving me the privilege to experience it all these years.

DVD cover 936I like to think of this new DVD as a visual testimony to God’s marvelous Creation.  There is nothing overtly “Christian” about the DVD but I still hope it will prove to be a blessing to others.  Bach wrote his music for the glory of God and I sincerely hope my photography can be used for His glory as well.

If you, or someone you know, would be interested in purchasing a copy of the DVD, they can be ordered at  David’s website: The DVD also comes with a CD of the music featured in the DVD.