Feb 23 2011

God, Mammon and Creation

Angel-Falls-Overlook-dawn-(v)-crYesterday I was thumbing through Warren Wiersbe’s book, Real Worship, when I came across this passage: “When we want to enjoy creation without honoring the Creator, we end up exploiting creation just to satisfy our selfish appetites.  We become covetous and idolatrous, and this is the root cause of the ecological problems the world faces today.  When we start to ‘play God,’ we end up destroying what God has given us ‘richly…to enjoy’ (1 Timothy 6:17).”  I believe Wiersbe’s words are prophetic in nature.

In recent weeks I have been deeply disturbed as I have watched Congress, as well as my own state legislature, seek to dismantle laws which were adopted to protect the environment—God’s Creation.  Much of what is being done is supposedly a response to the economic crisis our country is experiencing.  I don’t buy that.  I feel it has more to do with the fact that “we have become covetous and idolatrous.”  Many of our present environmental laws are being attacked because they are supposedly “bad for business.”  Does making an extra dollar trump God’s call for us to care for His Creation?  Does it override the health and well-being of that which He has created?  If so, it is clear to me that we are now worshiping Mammon and not God. 

Angel-Falls-Overlook-(v)-crI truly do want to see people succeed and prosper but becoming rich is not the ultimate goal of life in God’s kingdom.  Worshiping God and putting Him first will always be the primary goal.  We do not honor the Creator when we threaten the health of humans, the land and wildlife by lessening environmental standards just so a few businesses can make a greater profit.  Nor do we honor God when we “end up exploiting creation to satisfy our selfish appetites.” 

The group Sojourners is preparing to send members of Congress plastic bracelets that ask “What Would Jesus Cut?”  They, like me, realize that there are moral implications to the cuts being discussed in Congress.  Some of the cuts will hurt the poor badly.  Other cuts will hurt the environment and therefore all of us.  At this point all I know to do is voice my concern, pray for our political leaders and hope that they don’t ‘play God’ and “end up destroying what God has given us richly to enjoy.”


(Both of these images were taken at Angel Falls Overlook in the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area in Tennessee.)