Jul 14 2011

Connecting with Nature

What does nature mean to you and how do you connect to it? You can see the special places that Jesus used to talk to God, to find Himself — the Garden of Gethsemane and the “wilderness” in Israel. All through the Bible you find references of how people connected with nature, such as Moses and the burning bush. I love that story that starts in Exodus 3. Moses has obviously had some difficult times coming out of Egypt, and he is alone in nature with the sheep when he experiences God talking to him through a burning bush. Notice that God did not use a towering tree, a giant mountain, a roaring river, but a simple, burning bush.

For me, that is how I feel closest to nature when I can really connect to it on an intimate level. I don’t think that burning bush was a casual thing. It made God and nature more real to Moses.

So when I was up in the redwoods with Chuck last month, I decided to do a very different little video than I normally did about photography or nature (or both). This is a very personal message and I hope it offers something of connection to nature for you, too. It is in the small, intimate places of nature that I feel closest to God. The dramatic places like big waterfalls in Yosemite and huge redwoods are truly awe-inspiring and make me think of God. But it is the more common little places that keep me closer.

— Rob