Jun 30 2010

Nature’s Healing Touch

lotus 445This week I am in Louisville, Kentucky, on a mission trip with a group of people  from my church. We have been doing some work at one of the Christian Care Communities’ facilities. There are approximately 500 residents at the retirement home/assisted living buildings and nursing home. One of the things that has struck me is how happy the residents there seem to be. I’m sure this is due, in part, to the quality care the people receive in this Christian environment.

Another thing that I have noticed is how nature is used at the facility. The two images shown here (lotus above, black-eyed susans below) were taken along a path that is inside the complex. This path is even accessible for those in wheelchairs.  Careful attention has been given to landscaping so that even in downtown Louisville the residents are exposed to the beauty of Creation. Throughout the week I have also noticed that on a large screen television in the nursing home a video is constantly being shown that is made up completely of beautiful nature images. As a result, even those who cannot go outside find a perpetual reminder of God’s beautiful earth.

I have a feeling that these are not just “nice little touches” provided by the folks at Christian Care Communities. I suspect they realize the healing qualities of God’s Creation. They, too, must understand that the natural beauty of Creation is good for the soul, as well as the body.

black-eyed susans 465I have no idea what my future holds but if I get to live to an old age I hope and pray that I, too, will find myself in a place where seeing Creation is still possible. I don’t think I would feel whole or well without it.